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Examples of MapLarge API V4 Projects

In these examples, demographic estimates are calculated using billions of inputs from numerous data sources to provide daytime demographic estimates with unprecedented accuracy.
In addition to maps, additional visualizations like charts and graphs can interact with each other in a dashboard style interface. In this example, as the user moves the map, the scatter plot redraws to only show the records within the bounds of the map view. This example dynamically queries and renders 2.5 million records as a heat map style scatter plot and also as a map.
Combine any number of maps on a page to analyze multiple variables in the same geography. As you pan, zoom or click on one map, the other maps will take the same action.
This public facing demo enables analysts to find concentrations of disease outbreaks around the world and how they might be spread via air travel. It offers the ability to query for a disease and the map will dynamically update to only display the concentrations of that disease. The analyst can also discover the relationship between an airport and all airports connected by direct flights. Finally, once an area has been selected for analysis, the analyst can view demographics about the area to find populations which may be affected by the disease.
This example shows the seismic activity in the 7 days leading up to 3-11-2011 earthquake in Japan.
This example highlights the ability to discover patterns in health data. It also shows a unique style of on-hover balloon which conveys multiple attributes through one image.
This tool uses data from the FDIC to measure bank performance. Analysts can look at the geographical distribution of bank branch networks to study patterns. Here, analysts can view banks as individual points or dynamically aggregated into shapes such as zip codes and counties.
This tool uses geographic proximity analysis to determine a score for each bank branch based on the performance of its peers in the 3 or 5 mile areas surrounding the bank. Individual banks can be analyzed or dynamically aggregated into shapes such as zip codes and counties.
Weather often affects an organization’s operations. The MapLarge API can process feeds from a number of weather sources and add your data to layers on top. Historical weather data can grow extremely large. The MapLarge API provides a platform to dynamically analyze data sets of this size.
This example shows how organizations can leverage their data to convey a public message. AIDSVu is an interactive online map providing a unique view of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. With a substantial number of variables to map, the MapLarge API makes changes to data seemless since every map query is dynamically generated on the fly.
The FCC provides information about every communications tower in the US. Companies can append or supply their own coverage and asset information. In this example, analysts can dynamically filter the tower locations by height.

Examples of MapLarge API V3 Projects

Census Data Mapping

The U.S. Census Bureau collects data from every household and aggregates the information at different geographies. The MapLarge API can map your data against any census level geography including the most detailed block group level. See this Link for an example.

Political Contributions Mapping

This map shows every political donor and their contribution amount. The map has thematic shading and is highly dynamic with a search interface that allows you to filter the map view based on various criteria including occupation, recipient, and last name.Political Donors Map
Map of Political Contributions

Example of a Multi-Layer Map

This example shows how point data can be displayed on top of a demographic layer. Users can change the background demographic layer and point data selections. Business Mapping

Hotel Map Search

Embed a version of HotelMapSearch.com in your site and provide site visitors with an interactive map that shows hotel locations and prices, restaurants, landmarks and your custom events.

Florida FCAT Testing Map

FcatMap.com shows Florida Testing scores on Reading, Writing, Math, or Science by School, District or Zip Code

Map of Cancer Rates in NY

Mapcancer.org shows rates of Breast, Colorectal, Prostate and Lung Cancer in New York state.

Map of Truancy Rates in Florida

HookyMap.com Shows the percentage of the student body who missed 21 or more days of school in Florida in 2007-2008. Using Zip Code boundary files from the US Census bureau, school absentee figures are aggregated by zipcode and averaged.

List of MapLarge API V2 Flash Projects

Fatal Accident HotSpots

Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, RiskyRoads.org maps the concentration of fatal accidents that occur within 1000 feet of one another. The result is a heat map that emphasizes the country’s worst hot spots for traffic fatalities.

FDIC Bank Data

Using the FDIC's bank database, the map at the right shows a heat map of banks with a high percentage of non-performing loans.

Our Flash based tool on BankMapSearch.com can create dynamic maps based on a variety of financial performance metrics.
Banks at Risk

Map of Madoff Victims

This heat map of Madoff securities fraud victims shows the density of all the victims in the infamous Madoff Victim List derived from federal court filings.

Georgia Traffic Growth

The Georgia Traffic Growth Map highlights the busiest roads and highways in Georgia.  From 2002-2007, many roads in the metro Atlanta area have seen traffic increases of over 400%.  Maps of every city in Georgia  highlight the pace of change and increased utilization of our deteriorating infrastructure.

Global Flood Map

Global Flood Map uses NASA satellite data to show the areas of the world under water and at risk for flooding if ocean levels rise.


DUIMap.org is a heat map showing concentrations of fatal DUI traffic accidents. Clusters of DUI fatalities highlight the most dangerous areas where drunk driving fatalities occur.

Business Intelligence Products

Lobbying Disclosure Analysis

LobbyData.com analyzes millions of specific issue disclosures. The MapLarge Database system performs textual analysis on this data and highlights patterns of lobbying activity to the user.