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Interactive Mapping for  News Organizations

MapLarge can provide your news organization with interactive content to engage your audience beyond the story. We can source the data for your news story and create an interactive map that is embedded in your website.

Our technology can scale to meet extreme spikes in traffic so you don't have to worry that your pages will be slow to load. 

Designers can use the MapLarge API to customize the base map, icons and shading so color schemes and symbols integrate with your website.

Examples Using MapLarge API V3

Dementia Map

This map created for the Alzheimer's Society shows U.K. Dementia prevalence and diagnosis rates

Full Screen Dementia Map

Political Contributions Map

This map shows every political donor and their contribution amount. The map has thematic shading and is highly dynamic with a search interface that allows you to filter the map view based on various criteria including occupation, recipient, and last name.Political Donors Map
main image

Florida FCAT Testing Map

FcatMap.com shows Florida Testing scores on Reading, Writing, Math, or Science by School, District or Zip Code

Map of Cancer Rates in NY

Mapcancer.org shows rates of Breast, Colorectal, Prostate and Lung Cancer in New York state.

Map of Truancy Rates in Florida

HookyMap.com Shows the percentage of the student body who missed 21 or more days of school in Florida in 2007-2008. Using Zip Code boundary files from the US Census bureau, school absentee figures are aggregated by zipcode and averaged.

Examples Using MapLarge Flash API V2

Map of Madoff Victims

This heat map of Madoff securities fraud victims shows the density of all the victims in the infamous Madoff Victim List derived from federal court filings.
main image

Map of Risky Banks

Using the FDIC's bank database, the map at the right shows a heat map of banks with a high percentage of non-performing loans. BankMapSearch.com
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Map of Parties for Politicians

Party Map is a map of all the restaurants and venues where politicians party. Each location is shaded red or blue depending on whether Democrats or Repulicans throw the most parties.
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Fatal Accident HotSpots

Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, RiskyRoads.org maps the concentration of fatal accidents that occur within 1000 feet of one another. The result is a heat map that emphasizes the country’s worst hot spots for traffic fatalities.
main image

Global Flood Map

Global Flood Map uses NASA satellite data to show the areas of the world under water and at risk for flooding if ocean levels rise.
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Georgia Traffic Growth

The Georgia Traffic Growth Map highlights the busiest roads and highways in Georgia.  From 2002-2007, many roads in the metro Atlanta area have seen traffic increases of over 400%.  Maps of every city in Georgia  highlight the pace of change and increased utilization of our deteriorating infrastructure.
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DUIMap.org is a heat map showing concentrations of fatal DUI traffic accidents. Clusters of DUI fatalities highlight the most dangerous areas where drunk driving accidents occur.
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